Jan (eightxeighter) wrote,

Done with life

Haven't posted for a long time and I actually want to keep this alive. I'll try to post more often!

Recent life changes... I've been doing what I hate most in life for the last 17 months: working as a hospital nurse. For those who have read my posts 5 years ago, I really dislike the course I took in college (I was just pushed xD). The good is a bit okay (I'm in a government hospital) but the workload is @#%・*+-_/. Every time I'm at work, I feel so lame, so worthless, so unworthy. I encounter a lot of people everyday who make me feel like I'm so stupid, etc, and I don't like that but i have nowhere to go. I don't want to go on as a hospital nurse. I want another job. But I have nowhere to go. T_T

Last month, I went to Japan (after 1 and a half years) to see Kanjani8's EIGHTERTAINMENT Tour in Osaka. ✌ I went to see the shows on January 13 and January 15. Maybe I'll post another entry for that.

Fandomwise, I'm so into Eito, Japanese drama and movies, and anime as well! I'm studying the japanese language again. Hopefully I'll take JLPT at the end of this year.

EDIT: 2 days ago, my twitter account got hacked. To everyone who used to follow me there and unfollowed me due to the hacker's posts, I've fixed it now. Hopefully, the hacker won't have access to my account again. It's too bad!)

More entries to follow~~ 🍀

Tags: real life
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