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7th-Sep-2014 05:10 pm - 2014.09.07
stahp it or else - TWL
∞ Electricity's back in our house at last after two months. -___-
∞ My passport along with the Japan visa got soaked in flood and I have to apply AGAAAAIN even though I still have 9 more days to stay in Japan. Oh man. -____-
∞ I have completed the required number of cases in the Delivery Room as a requirement for the BSN degree. Right now, my only problems are the thesis and the enhancement review, (and of course, passing all the subjects..)
∞ I can already feel graduation and the pressure of passing the licensure exam.
∞ No anime for four months already.
∞ My best friend, her sister and I are planning to go to Japan either at the end of this year or early next year for the Nagoya/Osaka Eito concerts. Anyone here who is planning to go?
19th-Aug-2014 10:18 pm - Hi. I'm still alive. Maybe? xD
stahp it or else - TWL

Hello~ How are you doing?
It's been like 5 weeks since the typhoon and our house still has no electricity. The houses in the neighborhood already have. Some say they 'paid' the electric cooperative so that their lines would be connected to the line which has electricity. It's really a shame as a citizen of this country. This is why this country won't progress. -___-


Anyway, with us having no electricity, I am reaaally outdated with things. ER2 has been released. I like the song and also Kagerou. Well, Eito has this complication wherein sometimes, the coupling songs are better than the single itself. XD


Choices... Choices..Collapse )

I hope the electricity comes back as soon as possible. -__-

13th-Jul-2014 11:00 am - RL blues
ryo c child crying

How are you, guys?

Following the breakdown of my HDD 4 months ago, my laptop which I have been using for the past 4 years also gave up. xD I can only use the internet through my smartphone, and sometimes, my brother's laptop when he's not using it. T__T

Been busy with the Note-taking project and the thesis. I made a mistake in choosing the experimental type of thesis as well as my thesis partners. The type of thesis we chose is really time-consuming and very expensive. And I honestly haven't watched any recent anime for the past 3 months, even dramas. After the board exam next year, I'll cope up with everything. xD

And I can't go to August 23-24 Jussai. I have enhancement/review classes on the first day, and clinical exposure to NICU the next day. :( But if ever the guys will have a tour at the end of this year, I'll go. Hopefully.

Anyone out there who might be searching for last year's K8 7-eleven jumbo uchiwa, 8EST Tour DVD LE and JUKE BOX Tour DVD LE?

10th-Jun-2014 02:10 am - Alone
stahp it or else - TWL

At the end of the day, we're still alone.
As if we don't exist.
苦しい (*_*)

8th-Jun-2014 03:29 pm - 2014年6月8日
ryo c child crying
I am now a graduating student. Look who actually wanted to shift to other course two years ago. xD
Classes starts tomorrow. Only one year left before the nursing licensure exam and I am NOT yet prepared. T__T
Since the announcement for Jussai, I actually wanted to go. I have my own money, I am willing to be absent from classes, but... something's telling me not to go. Attending my favorite group's 10th anniversary concert has always been my dream, but it seems that I should focus more on my studies, especially now that the board exam is nearing. Also, I am 80% sure that my father won't allow me (because there is school). I am still confused as to whether I should go or not. I really want to go and see them... But... (I am such a bipolar. xD)

I have just watched Snow Domeの約束 DVD yesterday. I still think Kis-My-MINT tour is still better (?)
How I love Black and White + アイのBeat + Shake It Up performances, especially Black and White. <33

Some ships are going strong. lolCollapse )

And then there's オモイダマ. <3

Meanwhile... this gorgeous man is ruining everything. xD

14th-May-2014 07:14 pm - Not a really good day
I fainted for the first time this morning, inside the operating room during our clinical hands-on. I've unconsciously fastened my face mask too tightly, so air wasn't able to perfuse. When the screws were almost to be attached to the bones of the patient, I wasn't able to breathe, I've felt the back of my neck really cold. I asked my classmate who was functioning as circulating nurse, to loosen the strings of my face mask so I could breathe (I was functioning as a scrub nurse, so I was wearing sterile gown and gloves and I can't touch any unsterile items), but as she was doing it, I reached my limit, felt dizzy, had a black-out, and slowly fell to the ground. I quickly regained consciousness, and saw my clinical instructor and two classmates removing my operating room gown, cap, mask and sterile gloves so I could breathe properly. My clinical instructor thought I fainted because I didn't eat breakfast, but actually it was because of the ventilation.

Lesson learned, I'll tie my face mask a little bit loose next time! (>.<) This was actually my 6th time in the operating room, and I have no fear of blood nor flesh, whatsoever. I was pretty much confident that I'd be able to do my tasks correctly but, ugh my face mask! It was to be blamed! Haha. xD
4th-May-2014 09:58 am - 2014年5月4日

Just arrived from our summer affiliation in Manila.
Wasn't that fun but our clinical exposure in the Mental hospital was too memorable for me.

Two weeks there gave me time to meet my Eighter best friend. We met like every other day. lol
And then her sister lewliet_ross went to Japan for a business and got Jukebutts dvd for her and for me when she returned. Thank you ate Alex! >.<

I am still broke from the concert last January but yeah, they deserve my money. lol.

So on Friday night, eightredapples, melachiilove and I went to Ate Erika's house to watch the dvd. While watching Beast PV and it almost came to the stripping part, (we were watching on their big flat screen tv on their living room), suddenly her parents came home and we were like, "Nooo, PAUSE!!! STOP!!! STOP!" XD
Their family driver even told us that upon arriving, they were wondering where that 'noise' was coming from. lol.
We flailed like no one's home, like there's no more tomorrow. We were just on Brulee and my throat already hurts because of too much screaming and flailing. xDD
Because it was already late and the other two are still minors, we didn't finish the dvd.

The next day, I went to Dette and her sister lewliet_ross's house to watch the concert and luckily we finished it on time.
And I want to ask myself if I'm still alive or what. xD The concert's too awesome, too flawless, too perfect! >.< Eight x Eighter concert was actually my most favorite but now Jukebutts replaced it... Eito band is the best!! <33 Brulee! Yuyami Train! Uchuu Rion! LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
I remember crying over LIFE during the Fukuoka concert because it was just ugh too perfect <333
And then Your WURLITZER came and I am already dead. lol Add West side and Rescue Rescue. OMG I'm already done. T__T

And permed Maruuuuu with his bass was too painful for my heart. T__T bassporn

Sorry for my random spazzing. XD I'll take screenshots when I rewatch it later or tomorrow. lol

7th-Apr-2014 05:26 pm - 2014年4月7日
My 1TB external hard drive died. (T^T) All my files are gone... Wasn't able to retrieve anything. :'/
I bought a new one. Hopefully, this would last longer. :(
Anyone in Manila who might consider sharing their K8, Kisumai, anime, manga & Jdrama files? Especially K8 TV shows. :(
20th-Mar-2014 08:44 pm - 2014年3月20日
Time flies so fast. It's the last day of classes as a third year student.
And on June, I am going to be a graduating student!!! aerhgsyfeurihefjsdgksgjs

The first three chapters of our thesis was full of remarks. So we had to make revisions. T__T

On April, we're going to Manila for our summer affiliation (OJT in large hospitals and health establishments).
I am going to meet my Eighter friends in Manila. We're even planning to have a sleepover.
Being an only Eighter in this city sucks, so I have to make the most of my stay. . .

And Juke Butts dvd, where are you? (T^T)
5th-Mar-2014 08:29 pm - K8 Morinaga CMs [download]
Here are Eito's CMs for Morinaga.
*To be updated for Ryo's and Subaru's versions.

Group [30 seconds]
Yoko [1min & 53sec]
Ohkura [1 min & 07 sec]
Hina [1min & 26sec]
Yasu [1 min & 44sec]
Maru [1min & 27sec]

Update: March 20, 2014 --> Ryo and Subaru videos added!! ^^
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