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How's everyone? I didn't get to open LJ for many months because the site won't load.
I graduated last March and passed the board exam on May... I am now a registered nurse~~♥
Actually an unemployed nurse. XD I want to apply in hospitals but getting in is difficult.
I have a job offer as a community nurse, but it's not what I want to  do, although the salary is good.
That's why, I'll do my best to apply in hospitals!

Also, I've just returned from Japan. I went to Eito's recital in Fukui and it was nice.
I actually didn't liked the setlist when I saw it in Kobe, but I loved it during the recital.
They all passed by in front me and noticed me (except for Yoko, he was snobbish xD ).
Hina stared into my eyes for more than 5 seconds, although he was already on the other column.
Maybe Hina was happy to see a foreigner Eighter like me. XD
And.... I almost died when Maru-senpai (lol, senpai?? XD) finally noticed me. I mean he waved at me during JUKE BOX Tour but he was a bit away that time. In 2 shows of KANJANISM Tour he didn't saw me although I was near.
AND this time, he only did not look at me for seconds, he also waved at me and pointed his hand towards me. And he raised his eyebrows while looking at me (girl, I was melting xD) and smiled endlessly. I was frozen at my spot when his cart went away. XD I wonder if he could still remember my image. XD

I'll write a detailed/proper fan report about it on one of these days.
I hope people are still visiting LJ :D

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