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Kanjanism @ Fukuoka Dome (Jan 3) detailed con report

Hello, it's been a while. After deciding not to go to Japan, I still went. xD
Original plan was to watch only the last Fukuoka concert (January 4) but I ended up buying a ticket for the 1st show (January 3) upon realizing that I won't be able to go to Japan for the next 4 to 5 years. :(
Thanks to @paaaaan of twitter for helping me get a ticket for January 3, and lots of hugs to meiling_arashi for the awesome transaction in getting a ticket for January 4!

1st show - January 3 (Saturday)
Five minutes before the show, eighters started the eito call. At exactly 5PM, Oekaki played and I was like asdfghjkl fuck this is it, I am going to see them after a year. And it's also in Fukuoka last year where I went to see JUKE BOX concert. Fukuoka loves me so much. lol

EJ Coaster - Nothing remarkable because I personally dislike the whole thing about it. Not very kanjani-ish and VERY much like Arashi. I love them the way they are, but them being another Arashi is NO. -__-

Musekinin Hero - It's like a party just started. They transferred from the main stage to the center stage with that EJ Coaster outfit.  The hand movements, baby! A penlight is really a must for an eito concert. Last year, I was only holding Maru's uchiwa without any penlight so the enjoyment was not reached at maximum. This year, I went with a penlight, so the fun is doubled! lol

Gamushara Koushinkyoku - Talk about Maru obviously not hyperactive. Here, I noticed that he was not feeling well because when we speak of Maru, his name also spells hyperactivity. lol. Anyway, they transferred from the center stage to the back stage and did that fun gamushara dance. I love this song because when they performed it live in Music Station, nobody went out of tune. lol

RAGE - Admit it, we were all expecting this to be a band song but yeah, maybe because of Ryo's & Maru's drama as well as Yasu's Romeo play, they didn't have enough time for band songs (and so we were only given THREE (3) band songs, compared to JUKE BOX's whooping NINE(9) band songs!!!! <//3) Hina is the center of this song and so let's give the floor to the gorilla Hinababe. haha

FUN x8 - OH FUCK, this song set me into the mood because of Maru's hip thrusts (omg asdfghjkl *slashes wrists*). papanie who watched the Nagoya concert said Maru also did this hip thrusts thingy, so I think he did that in every concert. (Talk about explosions here and there. xD) Maruyama fucking awesome Ryuhei. xD

Misoji Shounen - I was expecting a festive performance like Takoyaki in my Heart, but the performance is a bit lacking (although I admit the song is better than Takoyaki). Same patterns like Ryo's part where he was walking down the red carpet, something like that, (Ryo's voice here, omg. Let me marry you Ryooo~ <3 hahaha just kidding) and Subaru's censored lines with an illustration covering his mouth every time a censored word is pronounced. haha. This time, the illustration was a sheep-head Subaru. lol. Maru's bipolar part was asdfghjkl i hate you maru xD

(Unit songs)
Adam & Eve - I think most foreign eighters disliked the PV (??) but I got surprised during the concert because everyone seemed to like the PV/the song. Foreign eighters really have a different taste compared to japanese eighters. The pv was being flashed on the screen and I was trying my best not to look at it and just focus on the two members dancing on the main stage. Disregard the PV, I think the performance was REALLY hot! (whaaat am I saying) Yoko was really hot here, and whenever blonde Ohkura is showed on the screen, everyone's キャァァァ-ing and I could hear eighters saying ヤバイ!! lol

Ice Cream - Talk about a cutesy song. Yasu was on our side (hello baby!!) close to us, and Ryo is on the other side of the dome so I couldn't see him. This time, I tried not to look at the screen because a member is just a few feet away from me (and it's Yasu, the first person I liked in eito, lol). Near the bridge of the song, they went to the center stage and exchange ice cream microphones and everyone went crazy (lol). Ryo was really shy to say his "I love you" line at the end. And shy Ryo is the best sight! xD

Michi - The two went out in Michi outfit (the funny head gear lol). Maru was on our side of the main stage again, and Subaru was on the other side of the main stage. During the entire 2/3 of the song, Maru was looking at our side. I promise I'm not making stories or whatever, but I already diverted my sight to Subaru for a few moments and when I went back to Maru, he was still staring at our side. *dies happily* What I can comment to this perf is perfection. Although Maru sounded a bit off-key at the beginning of his line, it was flawfree throughout the end. MaruBaru's harmony = perfect! <3

Masterpiece - Hot! As in literally hot! This was like the second version of Sorry Sorry Love but ugh hot! <3 The hottest among members here was Yoko! Like omg <3 <3

Frozen Margarita - mikinyan and I love this song so much. The dance steps were less complicated than Masterpiece (in other words, simpler) but it was also a hot performance! <3 <3

Futatsu te to te - I forgot this song existed until I saw this included in the Sapporo Dome concert so I started listening. It was like a resting song after the two dance songs (Much like Namida no Kotae after Sorry Sorry Love, Water Drop and Dye D from JUKE BOX concert). I love it anyway.

CloveR - Japanese eighters love this song. Idk why. xD

T.W.L - Eito with towels again. xD And eighters with penlight. lol

Cool Magic City - So rare to see this song performed because it was a song from way back in 2004 and it's been 10 years.

Can't remember much except Maru being silent all the time (which is unusual because we all know his hyperactive side). He looked sick and tired for me. The only time he talked was when Yoko asked him something. After he talked, he was seen on the screen coughing (and he thought it wasn't flashing on the screen. Poor bb).

Solo medley
Ai love you (Hina) - Hina in rock outfit. lol He was carrying a big stereo and wearing dark shades. Hina: "Dare ga?" Eighters: "KINGU!!" lol

Butterfly I loved (Ohkura) - Is it just me or is it that Ohkura now has the most fans? The screaming by eighters here was the loudest, louder than Ryo's. Ohkura fans around me were like, "ヤバイ!!!" lol Ohkura was at the other side stage of the dome, which was far from us.

Ai Igai no Nandemonai (Ryo) - Ryo dancing at the back stage with that black outfit.

Fantastic music (Yoko) - He was at the side stage near us (where Yasu stayed during Ice Cream perf). He was out of tune throughout the song. lol. But I got to see a close up of the russian man so whatever! xD

Revolver (Subaru) - He was at the other side of the main stage. The takoyaki band was accompanying him, just behind him. It was like a rock n roll perf, I love it so much. You know, the sight of Subaru losing control because it's a band song <3 <3 too much love. haha! Though I hate the fact that the people near me were just standing without any reaction. It is a great band song with too much feels, and people shouldn't just remain stiff there. -____-

Airairo (Yasu) -Talk about HOT and HANDSOME Yasuda Shota! <3 His perf was divided into 3 phases, where he sings first while playing his guitar at the top of center stage. After the "Dakara hayaku boku dake no kimi ni nare" line, he removed his guitar and went down the stairs while dancing <3 .

Wanshan Ronpin (Maru) - Less energetic Maru. {C}{C}{C}{C}

Bansou - Just imagine my temper when this was being performed. We all want this to be a band song, admit it! I could see Ohkura playing drums in the air, Maru playing bass with his microphone stand, and the others with a "this could have been more" look on their faces. Such a waste for a beautiful song! T___T The sequence of appearance was this: Subaru controlling his temper on the main stage, second to appear was Ryo on the side stage close to us, third were both Ohkura and Yasu on the back stage and other side of stage, then Hina and Maru on the center stage. Yoko was last and appeared on the main stage near Subaru.

Zou - Same with Bansou. -___- I want a band soooong! T_T
From their locations, they all went to the center stage and this was performed on a circular formation.

King of Otoko - They went to the main stage to dance the song. Hot eito is hot, okay. xD

Sukiyanen, Osaka, WAHAHA, Kanfuu Fighting - They went around the dome through their respective carts. Maru and the others were on the other side of the dome. The members who waved to me were Ryo (kyaaaa!), Ohkura, Hina and Yasu.

Aoppana, Hesomagari - can't remember the details. sorry xD

Yu - This was like Eightopop fom 8UPPERS album.

-Band session-

Do ya gao jinsei - Hina started with his keyboard (he plays well! <3) followed by Yoko with his trumpet (I was like, "頑張って, baby!!" during his part and he made it well. The third person to play his instrument was my dear Maruyama with his bass porn, then TORN played their instruments at the same time (ahemm mikinyan and other torn fans out there!!!!) then Yasu with his lead guitar porn, and last was Subaru with his AWESOME fucking harmonica and I was amazed because it was great!!!! *throws hearts all over Subaru* I wanted to take a fancam but I was afraid I might get caught. It was an awesome band performance! Of course, if compared to Misetekure performances or Uchuu ni Itta Lion or West Side, this song is nothing, but you know, with the tension of not having ANY band sessions for the first hour of the concert, this fulfilled it. Do ya gao Jinsei is amazing. ほんまに。My most favorite part of the song is whenever Subaru is at his full blast on playing his harmonica (really cooool!!) then suddenly, he sings his lines like he did not play harmonica just some seconds ago, that sight is amazing. Please look forward to it in the dvd. It is such an amazing sight! <3

Itta Ja Nai Ka - Maru and Ryo changed their instruments here. I mean, in Do ya Gao Jinsei, Maru used his brown Fender bass, while for this song, he used his red stingray bass (which he used in JUKE BOX's West Side, Rescue Rescue). They didn't include the bridge part of Yasu and Subaru.

LIFE - Before they performed this, Eito was like given time to rest while Subaru was saying a message. Here, Subaru was almost teary-eyed and it hit me in the feels and I (again, like last year's JUKE BOX), teared up. When I saw from the setlist that this was included, I was honestly like "meeeh -___- " because, don't get me wrong, I like this song, but this had been performed as a band song since 8UPPERS Tour so I wanted something else to be performed (like Uchuu ni Itta Lion which spells perfection). But this song being performed in front of you, I couldn't help but cry for the first two minutes of the song. lol Sorry for being emotional.


Omoidama - The performance was very much alike the one from Jussai dvd. They were wearing the white Kanjanism shirts and it was a beautiful and simple performance. <3 I love it.

Mugendai - Eito told us to sing the "Yuujou shinjitsu ...." part and it's here, while singing, you can tell yourself that being an eighter is the best thing. <3 Thank you Eito for the frienship, truth, dreams, hope, happiness, smiles, courage and journeys.

Zukkoke Otokomichi - The hand movements <3 Penlight is a must again.

At the end, Hina thanked us again. They thanked Fukuoka Dome itself too (lol) and Subaru called it "Otoo-san" HAHAHA wth Subaru!

The concert report for the second Fukuoka show (January 4) will be on a separate post because this went too long! xD
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