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Hi there! A short introduction. . .


eight x eighter da yo!!

F riends only~

Kindly tell me anything about you. ^___^


I'm Jan. 22 years old from the Philippines.

An Eighter!

kanjani osm

🙌🙌 Anime addict since 1999. And right now, shoujo mangas drive me craaaazy.

I used to stan 10人 Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi way back in 2010.
🎧🎧 Btw, I also like the music of Galileo Galilei, Aqua Timez, 7!! Oops, Ikimono Gakari, Yuzu, Kobukuro, Green, Mr. Children, Yuzu, Mongol800, etc etc.

💜💜 I'm a big fan of Maruyama Ryuhei; Nomura Shuhei, Nakagawa Taishi, Suda Masaki, Fukushi Sota, Shimizu Kazuki, Yoshizawa Ryo, Tamamori Yuta, Kotaki Nozomu, Kamiyama Tomohiro, Hagiya Keigo, Fukazawa Tatsuya & Hirano Sho, Nakajima Kento, Murakami Nijiro aaaaand a lot more.. xD

🏥 Currently a registered nurse working in a hospital in a faraway island. (Actually, I haaaate my job so much xD ) My ultimate goal is to be fluent in Japanese and live there in the near future ✈🗾🗻🗼🏯

I play several music instruments such as violin🎻, bass🎸, guitar 🎸and a bit of drums🎶. I really want to learn the piano 🎹 and make a band. Really.  (T^T)

🌼🌼 I've been to Japan thrice four FIVE times.
The first time was in Spring 2012 during an exchange program.
The second time was during Winter of 2013-2014 for the Fukuoka Juke Box concert.
The third time was on Winter of 2014-2015 for the KANJANISM Live Tour concert in Fukuoka (again lol).
Fouth time was on Summer of 2015 during Eito's recital in Fukui.
Fifth time was on Winter of 2016-2017 for Eito's EIGHTERTAINMENT Tour in Osaka.

🌸🌸 Concerts I've been to:
+ Kanjani8 - "JUKE BOX Live Tour 2013-2014" (Fukuoka Dome : January 1, 2014)
+ KAT-TUN - "COME HERE Countdown" (Kyocera Dome : December 31, 2014)
+ Kanjani8 - "KANJANISM Live Tour 2014-2015" (Fukuoka Dome : January 3, 2015)
+ Kanjani8 - "KANJANISM Live Tour 2014-2015" (Fukuoka Dome : January 4, 2015)
+ Johnnys WEST - "Ippatsu Meeeeeee" (Osaka jo Hall : January 6, 2015)
+ Kanjani8 - "Omae no Haato wo Tsukandaru! RECITAL" (Sun Dome Fukui : August 4, 2015)
+ Kanjani8 - "EIGHTERTAINMENT Winter Tour" 2016 - 2017 (Kyocera Dome Osaka : January 13, 2017
+ Kanjani8 - "EIGHTERTAINMENT Winter Tour" 2016 - 2017 (Kyocera Dome Osaka : January 15, 2017

🍀🍀 Follow me on twitter , instagram & tumblr!
LINE : aoshashin

See: @my anime list   @my drama list

If you want to know me more, just comment or pm me! I'd like to talk. Maybe a short introduction of yourself or anything? Thank you for reading!

Here's a bass porn for you. <3

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