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31st-Dec-2037 05:27 am - Hi there! A short introduction. . .
yokomaru kissu @ 8est


eight x eighter da yo!!

F riends only~

Kindly tell me anything about you. ^___^

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15th-Feb-2017 11:55 pm - Done with life
stahp it or else - TWL

Haven't posted for a long time and I actually want to keep this alive. I'll try to post more often!

Recent life changes... I've been doing what I hate most in life for the last 17 months: working as a hospital nurse. For those who have read my posts 5 years ago, I really dislike the course I took in college (I was just pushed xD). The good is a bit okay (I'm in a government hospital) but the workload is @#%・*+-_/. Every time I'm at work, I feel so lame, so worthless, so unworthy. I encounter a lot of people everyday who make me feel like I'm so stupid, etc, and I don't like that but i have nowhere to go. I don't want to go on as a hospital nurse. I want another job. But I have nowhere to go. T_T

Last month, I went to Japan (after 1 and a half years) to see Kanjani8's EIGHTERTAINMENT Tour in Osaka. ✌ I went to see the shows on January 13 and January 15. Maybe I'll post another entry for that.

Fandomwise, I'm so into Eito, Japanese drama and movies, and anime as well! I'm studying the japanese language again. Hopefully I'll take JLPT at the end of this year.

EDIT: 2 days ago, my twitter account got hacked. To everyone who used to follow me there and unfollowed me due to the hacker's posts, I've fixed it now. Hopefully, the hacker won't have access to my account again. It's too bad!)

More entries to follow~~ 🍀

stahp it or else - TWL

I've hit the 1st Osaka show on January 12 but I'll be arriving in Japan on the 13th. Is anyone willing to exchange with me? Any of the January 13-15 shows in exchange of my January 12 ticket. Thank you

(Or if anyone has an extra ticket for the January 13-15 shows, or anyone here who are searching for osaka 1st day ticket, let me know. My LINE & twitter username is @aoshashin )

29th-Dec-2015 08:15 pm - AkeOme
stahp it or else - TWL
It's been a while. Decided to change my layout (after 3 years) into something simple.

GENKI GA DERU TOUR/CD... So I really can't go to Genki ga Deru tour because of work and money. Maybe next year. I really wanted to see Katte ni Shiagare performed live though. My favorite aspect of Eito is Eito band. Maybe luck next year! Speaking of Genki ga Deru CD, I think I like this one more than Kanjanism. My favorite tracks are Katte ni shiagare, Wasabi, Furimuku wake ni wa ikanaize, Spare Key and of course Genki ga deru song. And what's up with the title "Banana Juice"?? The first time I saw the title, perverted thoughts came to my mind. Lol, #sorrynotsorry. And there was actually this lyrics "I want you to peel me..." (-__-) okay I'll stop now! xD I miss Japan, the feeling of winter, Fukuoka and the seven dorks. (T__T)

WORK AS NURSE... I've been working in the hospital for 3 months and I am leaving this hospital because I'll be transferring to another one closer to my parents house. I lived there when I was in elementary, and coming back to live with them after 8 years makes me excited. I can finally hang my eito posters back home. xD

2015 SO FAR... I welcomed this year in Japan for Kanjanism concert and spent my 20th birthday there. The first five months were spent stressful because of the board exam, then I became a freeter for 3 months. Back then, I wanted to find a job badly and ended up becoming more depressed (been depressed since high school). In August, I went to Japan for Eito's recital and was able to see them really close, like just some feet away. Maru-senpai finally noticed me and did some stuff and I died. The last quarter of this year came in a bliss due to work.

Hopefully, next year will be a good year for all of us. I hope people are still posting here. (^__^)
30th-Oct-2015 02:29 am - Oh
stahp it or else - TWL

Hello guys, how are you?
In the end, I wasn't able to do the fanreport on recital, but since I have an internet connection now, I might do it soon.

I've been working in a hospital, far from home, for a month already. It's tiring, stressful, etc. Coworkers are bound abroad, some have changed careers because of the below minimum salary. I'm doing things half-heartedly and my only inspiration is Eito. If I don't work hard, I won't be able to migrate to Japan, I won't see them. So bad. XD

I went to Eito's winter tour for two years but seems like I can't go to this year's winter concert. I don't have money (blame Recital!! >__<) and I can't be absent at work.

I'd love to hear from you.

7th-Aug-2015 04:05 pm - 久しぶり~~
stahp it or else - TWL

How's everyone? I didn't get to open LJ for many months because the site won't load.
I graduated last March and passed the board exam on May... I am now a registered nurse~~♥
Actually an unemployed nurse. XD I want to apply in hospitals but getting in is difficult.
I have a job offer as a community nurse, but it's not what I want to  do, although the salary is good.
That's why, I'll do my best to apply in hospitals!

Also, I've just returned from Japan. I went to Eito's recital in Fukui and it was nice.
I actually didn't liked the setlist when I saw it in Kobe, but I loved it during the recital.
They all passed by in front me and noticed me (except for Yoko, he was snobbish xD ).
Hina stared into my eyes for more than 5 seconds, although he was already on the other column.
Maybe Hina was happy to see a foreigner Eighter like me. XD
And.... I almost died when Maru-senpai (lol, senpai?? XD) finally noticed me. I mean he waved at me during JUKE BOX Tour but he was a bit away that time. In 2 shows of KANJANISM Tour he didn't saw me although I was near.
AND this time, he only did not look at me for seconds, he also waved at me and pointed his hand towards me. And he raised his eyebrows while looking at me (girl, I was melting xD) and smiled endlessly. I was frozen at my spot when his cart went away. XD I wonder if he could still remember my image. XD

I'll write a detailed/proper fan report about it on one of these days.
I hope people are still visiting LJ :D

stahp it or else - TWL
Hello, it's been a while. After deciding not to go to Japan, I still went. xD
Original plan was to watch only the last Fukuoka concert (January 4) but I ended up buying a ticket for the 1st show (January 3) upon realizing that I won't be able to go to Japan for the next 4 to 5 years. :(
Thanks to @paaaaan of twitter for helping me get a ticket for January 3, and lots of hugs to meiling_arashi for the awesome transaction in getting a ticket for January 4!

1st show -January 3 (Saturday)Collapse )

The concert report for the second Fukuoka show (January 4) will be on a separate post because this went too long! xD
24th-Sep-2014 05:03 pm - Eito con on December
tama everybody go
I am going to see eito on their Nagoya concerts on December. Already booked a flight.
Other eighters who are also going to Nagoya? ^___^
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